International Conference:
Japan: New Challenges in the 21st Century.

国際学会  「日本 ― 21世紀の新挑戦」

25-27th November, 2010
Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań





Organizing Committee:
  • Dr. Arkadiusz Jabłoński
  • Dr. Beata Bochorodycz
  • Dr. Maciej Kanert
  • Prof. Agnieszka Kozyra (Polish Association for Japanese Studies)

1. Explanation of the Project

The Adam Mickiewicz University, Department of Japanese Studies is planning to organize an international conference in Japanese studies in collaboration with the Polish Association for Japanese Studies (PSBJ). This conference is designed as the first in this series conferences in Japanese studies to be organized every three years. As such, it serves as an essential supplement to such events as triennial conferences of EAJS, the participation in which is often impossible for the researchers of Japanese studies from Poland and Central/Eastern Europe, due to limited funds. Also this time, the participants will not be charged any conference fee.

The organizers plan to invite representatives of all Japanese studies departments from Poland, three guest speakers and other guests from Japan as well as many researches from the European, especially Central/Eastern European centers of Japanese studies in order to enable the conference to serve as an effective platform of intellectual exchange and collaboration in Japanese studies.

The main theme of the conference was coined as to make it truly interdisciplinary covering possibly many aspects of Japanese studies. We hope that the discussion on new perspectives and challenges that emerge ahead of Japan in the 21st century will foster new ideas and enable better understanding both of Japan and also between Japan and Europe.

The Special Session on Okinawa, which is going to commemorate its 40th anniversary of return to Japan in the near future, is planned as a chance to introduce the topic of Okinawa to broader audience and to redefine the perspectives of Okinawan studies. With at least two members of our Department staff, Prof. Alfred F. Majewicz (Session's Chairman) and Dr. Beata Bochorodycz (Session's Chairman) who conduct research on Okinawa, the keynote speaker from Ryukyu University, Prof. Ei'ichi Hoshino, and Dr Stanisław Meyer from Jagiellonian University (Session's Chairman Co-Chairman), also a specialist of Okinawan history and many other invited participants, we hope to make it a very important event of the conference, enabling the participants to discuss such broad range of subject as diversified society, environment protection, multiculture and ethnicity, aging society and health, national security and conomic development.

The experts of Japanese studies from other fields from Japan, Poland and other countries will have an opportunity to present their research results and exchange views. It will also be a good opportunity for the students of our Department, who are going to help in organizational and logistic matters, to get acquainted with current trends in Japanese studies in Japan and Europe.


2. Methodology

The venue of the conference will be the buildings of the Adam Mickiewicz University located in the heart of Poznań city. The opening plenary session of the conference will be held at 2:00 PM on November 25th, 2010 in the historic place of Lubranski Hall located in the main building of the University, Collegium Minus. The organizers plan to invite His Excellency Ambassador of Japan, the University authorities, including the President of the University and the Dean of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. The speeches of kenote speakers will follow the addresses of the Ambassador and President. The reception party will be given at 6:00 PM also in building of Collegium Minus.

The special Okinawan session will be held on the next day, November 26th, in the Collegium Maius Room No. 17, starting at 3:00 PM. Morning sessions on November 26th are going to be held at Collegium HCP, the home of the Adam Mickiewicz University Chair of Oriental Studies. The regular sessions on literature and theatre, linguistics and language teaching, history, politics and economy on November 27th are scheduled to take place in the nearby historic building of Collegium Maius.

Links to the conference program, list of presentation abstracts, map of important locations and the conference proceedings publication templates are available above at the top of this page. ^TO THE TOP^


3. Applying Institutions, Participants, and Collaborating Organizations

The Adam Mickiewicz University, Chair of Oriental Studies, Department of Japanese Studies was established 23 years ago, in 1987, and serves as the main centre of Japanese studies in Western Poland. The research themes of our staff focus on Japanese literature and language, theatre, Japanese ancient history, buddism, political science, economy, as well as, last but not least, on Okinawa and Ainu studies. Our students and graduates regularly take part and win prizes in national speech competitions, our Ph. D. candidates and staff are awarded scholarships from the Japanese Ministry of Education and The Japan Foundation. We also publish the quarterly Silva Iaponicarum (, which at the moment is the only Japanese studies journal in Poland. To make the journal truly all Polish, we invited members of other universities, the Jagiellonian University in Cracow and Warsaw University to the editorial board. The foundation and development of our Department was also possible thanks to the continuous support we have been receiving from The Japan Foundation and other organizations.

PSBJ (Polish Association for Japanese Studies is a major Polish organization that associates researchers of Japanese studies.


4. Dissemination

Presentations and papers will be accepted and published in English and Japanese, two official languages of the conference, in order to facilitate the intellectual exchange.

Conference proceedings will be published no later than in March 2011. Also, the special volume with materials from the special session on Okinawa supplemented by the outline of history of Okinawan studies in Poland will be compiled, most probably as a special edition of Linguistic and Oriental Studies from Poznań. Both volumes will be distributed among the researchers of Japanese studies and the libraries of the Japanese studies centers around the world.